Everyday there are hundreds of people browsing online for miracle cures and treatments on keeping their Younger Faces for longer. Unfortunately, everyone has to get older, but there are numerous ways in which one can decrease the ageing process.

Damage From Sun:

This is the main reason for premature ageing. In fact, if you never had to go into the sun for as long as you lived, by ninety years old you would most likely have no wrinkles. Regrettably we do require the sun for vitamin D, however never go outdoors without a nice sunscreen. The more time you spend under the sun when you were more youthful, the older you will look today.

The main reason for this is that sun damage typically takes place in the deeper layers of the skin and will take years to surface. When this damage does appear, it is in the form of freckles, moles, age spots, dry skin and wrinkles.

So the very best way to combat sun damage and keep the skin looking much better for longer is to begin utilizing sun protection from an early age, everyday and not to succumb to the tanning fad.

Skin Care:

A great skin care regime goes a long way to keeping your skin fresh and young. Everyday you should be cleansing, toning and moisturizing both early morning and evening. Make it a routine to never ever go to bed with an unclean face or make-up obstructing your pores. A good mask once or twice a week can also work wonders.

Make sure to utilize products that match your skin and age. For example, if you are a teen with acne, then don't go utilizing products designed for dry skin, as they will just make your skin oilier and make the problem worse.

Likewise, adjust your skin care as you get older and you may need to invest a little bit more on products with anti-ageing ingredients in them.

Diet and Exercise:

Individuals who consume a healthy diet and exercise routinely will constantly look great, no matter how old they get. Did you know that sugar is a big reason for wrinkles? It breaks down the collagen in your skin hence causing more wrinkles, so try and minimize this compound. There is no alternative to moderate exercise and consuming loads of all-natural and raw foods like vegetables and fruits.

Smile More and Stress Less for a Younger Looking Face:

As we get older our expressions end up being etched in our faces, so if you invest the majority of your life with a cross face, can you envision exactly what you will look like all the time by the time you are fifty.


An individual who is happy all the time and smiles a whole lot will have lines in the best places, which will give the face an attractive and friendly look as you age. These steps above are just a few of the much easier things you can do to keep yourself looking healthy and great and learning the art of aging with dignity.

More Resources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ageless

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